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 Character Profile: Tirananniel

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Character Profile: Tirananniel Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Tirananniel   Character Profile: Tirananniel Icon_minitimeMon Jul 08, 2013 4:00 am

Full Name: Tirananniel Direnni
Birthday: 23 Frostfall, 3E 123
Race: High Elf
Birthplace: Solitude
Spouse: None
Title: High Queen of Skyrim; Dragonborn; Empress of Tamriel

The only child of Jolethe Septim neé Direnni, Tirananniel was born into the Septim Line during the rule of Uriel Septim III, her cousin, on the day Empress Kintyra II was murdered.  According to what little information can be found as to Tirananniel's existence, her great-aunt, Potema Septim, planned to use the young girl in dark rituals to prolong her own life, perhaps even achieve true immortality.  To this end, Tirananniel was taken away from her mother and hidden, with almost also traces of her existence removed.  Potema sealed Tirananniel away in some unknown location, but was defeated and killed before she could finish the ritual. The result, sadly, froze the location in which Tirananniel had been sealed away in time.  As a result, the young elven maiden was trapped as a fourteen year old for the better part of five hundred years, until a group of adventurers unlocked the secret of her prison, Bleak Falls Barrow, and freed her.

Sealed away for half a millennium, Tirananniel has had plenty of time to hone her magical skills. Despite Potema Septim being dead, she left Tirananniel hundreds of books and scrolls with magical instructions, allowing Tirananniel to teach herself to become an extraordinarily powerful mage. Because of Potema's leanings, however, Tirananniel's most adequate skills deal with brewing poisons and Conjuration spells, specifically those that affect the dead.

Because she has had no contact with the outside world for five hundred years, Tirananniel is still, with the exception of her skills in magic, a fourteen year old girl.  She has the worries of a child, as well as the naivety and curiosity.  To this end, her magic is not as powerful in practice as it would seem, because she has never really practiced it in a real life situation. She feels a special closeness to Eclaveriia, because he is not only a Mer, as she is, but a vampire, and therefore understands what it is like to be very old, although she is still older than he is by over three hundred years.
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Character Profile: Tirananniel
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