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 Astral Tear

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PostSubject: Astral Tear   Astral Tear Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2014 2:45 am

Every so often, a player will be informed of an anomaly in their area.  Upon investigation, the player will discover a strange portal known as an Astral Tear.  These portals transport the player to a dungeon where the player must use various skills in order to reach the final room and claim any rewards.  Each Astral Tear is unique, as the requirements for successfully completing each room are entirely random.  They do, however, follow a few requirements:

1.) No skill that is not at least Level: 10 will be used.
2.) It is entirely possible that a skill might be used that has a requirement greater than the player can meet. In this case, the player will be forced to forfeit the Astral Tear. However, there are no skill requirements about Level: 100.

For successfully completing an Astral Tear, a player is rewarded with experience for each skill used, with more experience being granted if a skill was used multiple times, an Astral Shard, and a random reward that can range from a single silver piece to legendary rare items.

Astral Shards can be turned in for even more rewards, however they also have a secondary function.  If a player comes across a skill requirement that cannot be met, or a task they do not feel like doing, they can use a single Astral Shard to skip that one task.

Each time a player enters an Astral Tear, the size of the Tear increases by one task.  The first Astral Tear is always two rooms: the starting room where the player completes the task and the last room, which only contains the reward.  Each additional Tear adds one room.  Once an Astral Tear reaches twenty-five rooms, any new Astral Tears will remain at twenty-five rooms and grow no larger. The first Astral Tear is always the same: a simple tutorial.

Astral Tears are limited to once per Celestian day.
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Astral Tear
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