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PostSubject: Bulbasaur   Bulbasaur Icon_minitimeThu Oct 09, 2014 6:49 pm

Name: Bulbasaur
Scientific Name: Fushigidane
Species Name: Seed Pokémon
Class: F
Height: 2'04" / 0.7m
Weight: 15.2 lbs. / 6.9 kg
Gender: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
Type: Grass and Poison
Ability: Overgrow, Chlorophyll

Capture Rate: 5.9%
Base Experience: 64
Growth Rate: Medium-Slow
EV Yield: 1 Lysozyme
Egg Group: Monster, Grass
Egg Cycles: 21

Evolution: Ivysaur at Level: 16
"Mega" Evolution: No

"A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. This plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon. For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back."

Base Stats
Health Points: 45 (200 - 294)
Attack: 49 (92 - 216)
Defense: 49 (92 - 216)
Special Attack: 65 (121 - 251)
Special Defense: 65 (121 - 251)
Speed: 45 (85 - 207)

Moveset (Level)
Birth - Tackle
Level: 3 - Growl
Level: 7 - Leech Seed
Level: 9 - Vine Whip
Level: 13 - Poison Powder
Level: 13 - Sleep Powder
Level: 15 - Take Down
Level: 19 - Razor Leaf
Level: 23 - Sweet Scent
Level: 25 - Growth
Level: 27 - Double-Edge
Level: 31 - Worry Seed
Level: 33 - Synthesis
Level: 37 - Seed Bomb
Level: 46 - Solar Beam

Moveset (TM and HM)
S2.02 - Headbutt
S2.03 - Curse
S6.06 - Toxic
S1.08 - Body Slam
S1.09 - Take Down
S6.09 - Venoshock
S3.09 - Bullet Seed
S1.10 - Double-Edge
S6.10 - Hidden Power
S6.11 - Sunny Day
S2.12 - Sweet Scent
S2.13 - Snore
S6.16 - Light Screen
S6.17 - Protect
S4.19 - Giga Drain
S1.20 - Rage
S2.20 - Endure
S6.20 - Safeguard
S1.21 - Mega Drain
S6.21 - Frustration
S6.22 - Solar Beam
S6.27 - Return
S1.31 - Mimic
S2.31 - Mud-Slap
S6.32 - Double Team
S1.33 - Reflect
S1.34 - Bide
S2.34 - Swagger
S6.36 - Sludge Bomb
S2.40 - Defense Curl
S6.42 - Facade
S4.43 - Secret Power
S6.44 - Rest
S6.45 - Attract
S6.48 - Round
S6.49 - Fury Cutter
S6.49 - Echoed Voice
S6.53 - Energy Ball
S4.58 - Endure
S6.70 - Flash
S6.75 - Swords Dance
S4.78 - Captivate
S4.82 - Sleep Talk
S4.83 - Natural Gift
S6.86 - Grass Knot
S6.87 - Swagger
S6.88 - Sleep Talk
S6.90 - Substitute
S6.94 - Rock Smash
S6.96 - Nature Power
S6.100 - Confide
S6.H1 - Cut
S6.H4 - Strength

Moveset (Breeding)
Giga Drain
Grass Whistle
Grassy Terrain
Leaf Storm
Light Screen
Magical Leaf
Nature Power
Petal Dance
Power Whip
Razor Wind
Skull Bash

Moveset (Tutor)
Body Slam
Defense Curl
Fury Cutter
Giga Drain
Grass Pledge
Knock Off
Seed Bomb
Sleep Talk
String Shot
Swords Dance
Worry Seed

Moveset (Event)
Ancient Power
False Swipe
Frenzy Plant
Weather Ball

A small Pokémon with pale mint colored skin featuring several much more highly saturated patches on its limbs and face, Bulbasaur moves on four stubby, yet thick, legs.  Its feet end in three-toed claws, although the claws themselves seem to serve little to no purpose, as none of Bulbasaur's abilities rely on these claws.  It has large, triangular eyes that are set fairly far apart, with blood red irises, although the scalera and pupils are white.  While its head is unusually large for its body, it has small, stubby ears just above its eyes.  Its mouth is broad, covering the width of its face, with two tiny nostrils centered above it, and is slightly turned up at the ends to give Bulbasaur a semi-permanent smile.  Even when its mouth is closed, it reveals two tiny fangs in either corner of the maxilla.  The most distinct feature this Pokémon possesses is a large plant bulb on its back that accounts for approximately thirty percent of the Pokémon's mass.
The root of the bulb is imbedded securely into Bulbasaur's spinal column, allowing Bulbasaur to utilize the bulb as a secondary means of nourishment.  In addition, the bulb serves as the primary source for many of Bulbasaur's more advanced techniques, such as Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and especially Solar Beam.  As Bulbasaur grows in power, the bulb grows larger, eventually blossoming once Bulbasaur reaches its second stage of development.

Bulbasaur are typically non-agressive, although there have been several cases of Bulbasaur violently defending territory that is home to weak or injured Pokémon.  They typically appear to be aloof or indifferent, if not outright cold, towards humans they are unfamiliar with and a Bulbasaur's trust is not easy to obtain.  Once it is, however, Bulbasaur quickly proves itself to be quite a loyal and loving companion. They are known to be good caretakers, especially of smaller Pokémon, and often uses their vines to play with other Pokémon or help put them to sleep.  While they love to play with other Pokémon and humans they trust, they also enjoy taking long naps in bright sunlight, absorbing the sunlight through their bulbs.

It is estimated that Bulbasaur first appeared approximately four hundred million years ago, when it was most likely a pure Water-type.  As the world began to change, however, Bulbasaur made a transition from water to land, developing Poison as its secondary type as a defense mechanism.  The earliest Bulbasaur fossils discovered come from nearly one hundred fifty million years ago.  The most important aspect of these fossils is the distinct lack of Bulbasaur's iconic bulb.  It was first believed that the bulbs where shed when the Pokémon died, but further research indicated this was simply not the case when more recent fossils, from approximately one hundred thousand years ago, were discovered with the bulb intact.
It is theorized that because of rapid climate change and the cooling of the Earth, Bulbasaur needed to adapt in order to survive.  Over several million years, Bulbasaur shifted from a Water-type to a Grass-type, forming a symbiotic relationship with the bulb it carries to this day.  This relationship allows Bulbasaur to gather sustenance directly from the sun, reducing or eliminating the need for Bulbasaur to hunt as it would have needed to previously.  This would ensure that it would survive the cooler temperatures.
As humans began to appear and evolve alongside Pokémon, Bulbasaur were among the first Pokémon to be domesticated.  Because of humanity's lack of understanding about Pokémon, however, overcapturing of Bulbasaur led to the species becoming extinct in the wild.  The species itself, however, is thriving due to its relative popularity, especially with the recent discovery of "Mega" Evolutions, and ease to train and raise.  The combined efforts of the International Pokémon League and officially licensed breeders ensures that Bulbasaur will remain around for quite some time.
It is important to note, however, that efforts to reintegrate Bulbasaur into the wild have thus far failed, as Bulbasaur have simply become too domesticated over the last hundred thousand years.

Bulbasaur tend to be more difficult to train for new and inexperienced trainers.  Because Bulbasaur has two types rather than one, trainers must employ a higher level of strategy when raising Bulbasaur.  They are naturally weak to Flying-type, which are commonly found in all areas of the world, and Psychic-type Pokémon, which are quite popular and rather common as well.
Despite this, Bulbasaur are excellent Pokémon for trainers to use to capture other Pokémon, given how early in their development Bulbasaur gain access to Sleep Powder and Sweet Scent, two very useful techniques for capturing Pokémon.
Some of the more common techniques used at championship level competition are Growth, Leech Seed, Synthesis, and Solar Beam.
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