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 Technical Machines

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PostSubject: Technical Machines   Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:43 am

Technical Machines are small devices that are used to transfer energy stored as data from the device directly to a Pokémon, enabling them to expand their move pool. As technology has progressed, the methods of transferring the stored energy has evolved. Originally Technical Machines were one used devices: once the data was tranferred to the Pokémon, the Technical Machine would no longer have access to that data and be unusable. Now, however, technology has progressed to the point where Technical Machines retain the stored energy and can be used multiple times.

Technical Machines do, however, have a variety of limitations. The most prominent limitation is that not every Pokémon is capable of utilizing Technical Machines. While there are a few Technical Machines that can be learned by almost every known Pokémon, there are some Pokémon that cannot utilize any Technical Machines and most Pokémon are only capable of utilizing a dozen or two. The second limitation is cost. Despite the advancement of technology, Technical Machines are still quite expensive to manufacture, especially for Technical Machines that contain stronger energies. Some Technical Machines are quite common, found in various department stores or given to victorious trainers at Gyms and Contest Halls, but many of the more sought after Technical Machines remain elusive, even at championship level competition.

There are currently six series of Technical Machines, with only Series Six being currently in production. The previous five series are obsolete, although the devices themselves can still be used. However, as Technical Machines prior to Series Five were single-use, it is uncommon to find a trainer with a Pokémon that has used one, and quite rare to find a working device.

Series One Technical Machines
The Series One Technical Machines were released on February 27, 1996 by Silph Co. in the Kanto region. Totaling fifty devices, these Technical Machines were three and a half inch diskettes that could be inserted into a trainer's Pokédex or into a Pokémon Computer. The Pokédex or computer would then transfer the energy from the diskette directly into the chosen Poké Ball. Following the transfer of energy, the diskette would become useless, not even able to have any type of data written on it again.

The Series One stopped being manufactured after 1,363 days.

S1.001 - Mega Punch
S1.002 - Razor Wind
S1.003 - Swords Dance
S1.004 - Whirlwind
S1.005 - Mega Kick
S1.006 - Toxic
S1.007 - Horn Drill
S1.008 - Body Slam
S1.009 - Take Down
S1.010 - Double-Edge
S1.011 - Bubble Beam
S1.012 - Water Gun
S1.013 - Ice Beam
S1.014 - Blizzard
S1.015 - Hyper Beam
S1.016 - Pay Day
S1.017 - Submission
S1.018 - Counter
S1.019 - Seismic Toss
S1.020 - Rage
S1.021 - Mega Drain
S1.022 - Solar Beam
S1.023 - Dragon Rage
S1.024 - Thunderbolt
S1.025 - Thunder
S1.026 - Earthquake
S1.027 - Fissure
S1.028 - Dig
S1.029 - Psychic
S1.030 - Teleport
S1.031 - Mimic
S1.032 - Double Team
S1.033 - Reflect
S1.034 - Bide
S1.035 - Metronome
S1.036 - Selfdestruct
S1.037 - Egg Bomb
S1.038 - Fire Blast
S1.039 - Swift
S1.040 - Skull Bush
S1.041 - Softboiled
S1.042 - Dream Eater
S1.043 - Sky Attack
S1.044 - Rest
S1.045 - Thunder Wave
S1.046 - Psywave
S1.047 - Explosion
S1.048 - Rock Slide
S1.049 - Tri Attack
S1.050 - Substitute

Series Two Technical Machines
Released on November 21, 1999, the Series Two Technical Machines were not very different from the Series One. However, many of the energies that were present in the Series One would not be found in the Series Two. The second series kept the number of distinct devices at fifty, but added many different energies to replace those that were not retained from the Series One. The Series Two Technical Machines remained a three and a half inch diskette, and were used the same way as the Series One.

The Series Two lasted 1,096 days.

S2.001 - Dynamic Punch
S2.002 - Headbutt
S2.003 - Curse
S2.004 - Rollout
S2.005 - Roar
S2.006 - Toxic
S2.007 - Zap Cannon
S2.008 - Rock Smash
S2.009 - Psych Up
S2.010 - Hidden Power
S2.011 - Sunny Day
S2.012 - Sweet Scent
S2.013 - Snore
S2.014 - Blizzard
S2.015 - Hyper Beam
S2.016 - Icy Wind
S2.017 - Protect
S2.018 - Rain Dance
S2.019 - Giga Drain
S2.020 - Endure
S2.021 - Frustration
S2.022 - Solar Beam
S2.023 - Iron Tail
S2.024 - Dragon Breath
S2.025 - Thunder
S2.026 - Earthquake
S2.027 - Return
S2.028 - Dig
S2.029 - Psychic
S2.030 - Shadow Ball
S2.031 - Mud-Slap
S2.032 - Double Team
S2.033 - Ice Punch
S2.034 - Swagger
S2.035 - Sleep Talk
S2.036 - Sludge Bomb
S2.037 - Sandstorm
S2.038 - Fire Blast
S2.039 - Swift
S2.040 - Defense Curl
S2.041 - Thunder Punch
S2.042 - Dream Eater
S2.043 - Detect
S2.044 - Rest
S2.045 - Attract
S2.046 - Thief
S2.047 - Steel Wing
S2.048 - Fire Punch
S2.049 - Fury Cutter
S2.050 - Nightmare

Series Three Technical Machines
The third series was released on November 21, 2002 as a combined effort of Silph Co. and Devon Corp. While the number of devices remained at fifty, the energies contained within were almost completely overhauled. Most of the previous energies were dropped in favor of many new and more powerful energies. The combined involvement of two different companies also made it easier for many trainers in different regions to have access to the Technical Machines, although they still remained expensive.

The Series Three drastically changed the appearance of the Technical Machine as well. Where the previous installments were a simple disc, the Series Three was a small cube that would open slightly to allow a Poké Ball to be inserted. Once closed, the Technical Machine would attach to the Poké Ball and transfer the energy, breaking apart once the energy was transferred and being rendered unusable.

The Series Three would have a lifespan of 1,407 days.

S3.001 - Focus Punch
S3.002 - Dragon Claw
S3.003 - Water Pulse
S3.004 - Calm Mind
S3.005 - Roar
S3.006 - Toxic
S3.007 - Hail
S3.008 - Bulk Up
S3.009 - Bullet Seed
S3.010 - Hidden Power
S3.011 - Sunny Day
S3.012 - Taunt
S3.013 - Ice Beam
S3.014 - Blizzard
S3.015 - Hyper Beam
S3.016 - Light Screen
S3.017 - Protect
S3.018 - Rain Dance
S3.019 - Giga Drain
S3.020 - Safeguard
S3.021 - Frustration
S3.022 - Solar Beam
S3.023 - Iron Tail
S3.024 - Thunderbolt
S3.025 - Thunder
S3.026 - Earthquake
S3.027 - Return
S3.028 - Dig
S3.029 - Psychic
S3.030 - Shadow Ball
S3.031 - Brick Break
S3.032 - Double Team
S3.033 - Reflect
S3.034 - Shock Wave
S3.035 - Flamethrower
S3.036 - Sludge Bomb
S3.037 - Sandstorm
S3.038 - Fire Blast
S3.039 - Rock Tomb
S3.040 - Aerial Ace
S3.041 - Torment
S3.042 - Facade
S3.043 - Secret Power
S3.044 - Rest
S3.045 - Attract
S3.046 - Thief
S3.047 - Steel Wing
S3.048 - Skill Swap
S3.049 - Snatch
S3.050 - Overheat

Series Four Technical Machine
The Series Four, released on September 28, 2006, saw the most involved overhaul of the Technical Machine system yet. The number of devices was nearly doubled, expanding from fifty to ninety-two, and saw the return of some energies that had been present in earlier installments but absent in following installments. While the cost of Technical Machines did not decrease, they did become slightly cheaper to manufacturing, resulting in them being more easily available to trainers that could afford them.

The Series Four also saw another drastic change in the design of Technical Machines. They returned to the form of a diskette, although a compact disc instead of a floppy, and were utilized much the way Series One and Series Two had been. The bulk of the previous installment's devices had not been well received and this change was met with quite a positive reception.

The Series Four was discontinued after 1,451 days.

S4.001 - Focus Punch
S4.002 - Dragon Claw
S4.003 - Water Pulse
S4.004 - Calm Mind
S4.005 - Roar
S4.006 - Toxic
S4.007 - Hail
S4.008 - Bulk Up
S4.009 - Bullet Seed
S4.010 - Hidden Power
S4.011 - Sunny Day
S4.012 - Taunt
S4.013 - Ice Beam
S4.014 - Blizzard
S4.015 - Hyper Beam
S4.016 - Light Screen
S4.017 - Protect
S4.018 - Rain Dance
S4.019 - Giga Drain
S4.020 - Safeguard
S4.021 - Frustration
S4.022 - Solar Beam
S4.023 - Iron Tail
S4.024 - Thunderbolt
S4.025 - Thunder
S4.026 - Earthquake
S4.027 - Return
S4.028 - Dig
S4.029 - Psychic
S4.030 - Shadow Ball
S4.031 - Brick Break
S4.032 - Double Team
S4.033 - Reflect
S4.034 - Shock Wave
S4.035 - Flamethrower
S4.036 - Sludge Bomb
S4.037 - Sandstorm
S4.038 - Fire Blast
S4.039 - Rock Tomb
S4.040 - Aerial Ace
S4.041 - Torment
S4.042 - Facade
S4.043 - Secret Power
S4.044 - Rest
S4.045 - Attract
S4.046 - Thief
S4.047 - Steel Wing
S4.048 - Skill Swap
S4.049 - Snatch
S4.050 - Overheat
S4.051 - Roost
S4.052 - Focus Blast
S4.053 - Energy Ball
S4.054 - False Swipe
S4.055 - Brine
S4.056 - Fling
S4.057 - Charge Beam
S4.058 - Endure
S4.059 - Dragon Pulse
S4.060 - Drain Punch
S4.061 - Will-O-Wisp
S4.062 - Silver Wind
S4.063 - Embargo
S4.064 - Explosion
S4.065 - Shadow Claw
S4.066 - Payback
S4.067 - Recycle
S4.068 - Giga Impact
S4.069 - Rock Polish
S4.070 - Flash
S4.071 - Stone Edge
S4.072 - Avalanche
S4.073 - Thunder Wave
S4.074 - Gyro Ball
S4.075 - Swords Dance
S4.076 - Stealth Rock
S4.077 - Psych Up
S4.078 - Captivate
S4.079 - Dark Pulse
S4.080 - Rock Slide
S4.081 - X-Scissor
S4.082 - Sleep Talk
S4.083 - Natural Gift
S4.084 - Poison Jab
S4.085 - Dream Eater
S4.086 - Grass Knot
S4.087 - Swagger
S4.088 - Pluck
S4.089 - U-turn
S4.090 - Substitute
S4.091 - Flash Cannon
S4.092 - Trick Room

Series Five Technical Machines
The most positive and popular change to the Technical Machine came with the introduction of Series Five on September 18, 2010. Whereas previously a trainer could only use a Technical Machine one a single Pokémon before the energy contained within the Technical Machine was no longer available, technological advancements allowed for Series Five (and later installments) to be used a potentially unlimited number of times. The number of devices themselves was increased from ninety-two to ninety-five, but this installment did not see too many noticeable changes in the energies contained within the different devices.

The Series Five once again saw an appearance change. The Series Five Technical Machine would be contained on a USB drive that could connect to a Pokédex or other device and transfer the energy to a Poké Ball. It is because of this technology that Technical Machines were able to become multiple use devices.

The Series Five would last 1,120 days.

S5.001 - Hone Claws
S5.002 - Dragon Claw
S5.003 - Psyshock
S5.004 - Calm Mind
S5.005 - Roar
S5.006 - Toxic
S5.007 - Hail
S5.008 - Bulk Up
S5.009 - Venoshock
S5.010 - Hidden Power
S5.011 - Sunny Day
S5.012 - Taunt
S5.013 - Ice Beam
S5.014 - Blizzard
S5.015 - Hyper Beam
S5.016 - Light Screen
S5.017 - Protect
S5.018 - Rain Dance
S5.019 - Telekinesis
S5.020 - Safeguard
S5.021 - Frustration
S5.022 - Solar Beam
S5.023 - Smack Down
S5.024 - Thunderbolt
S5.025 - Thunder
S5.026 - Earthquake
S5.027 - Return
S5.028 - Dig
S5.029 - Psychic
S5.030 - Shadow Ball
S5.031 - Brick Break
S5.032 - Double Team
S5.033 - Reflect
S5.034 - Sludge Wave
S5.035 - Flamethrower
S5.036 - Sludge Bomb
S5.037 - Sandstorm
S5.038 - Fire Blast
S5.039 - Rock Tomb
S5.040 - Aerial Ace
S5.041 - Torment
S5.042 - Facade
S5.043 - Flame Charge
S5.044 - Rest
S5.045 - Attract
S5.046 - Thief
S5.047 - Low Sweep
S5.048 - Round
S5.049 - Echoed Voice
S5.050 - Overheat
S5.051 - Ally Switch
S5.052 - Focus Blast
S5.053 - Energy Ball
S5.054 - False Swipe
S5.055 - Scald
S5.056 - Fling
S5.057 - Charge Beam
S5.058 - Sky Drop
S5.059 - Incinerate
S5.060 - Quash
S5.061 - Will-O-Wisp
S5.062 - Acrobatics
S5.063 - Embargo
S5.064 - Explosion
S5.065 - Shadow Claw
S5.066 - Payback
S5.067 - Retaliate
S5.068 - Giga Impact
S5.069 - Rock Polish
S5.070 - Flash
S5.071 - Stone Edge
S5.072 - Volt Switch
S5.073 - Thunder Wave
S5.074 - Gyro Ball
S5.075 - Swords Dance
S5.076 - Struggle Bug
S5.077 - Psych Up
S5.078 - Bulldoze
S5.079 - Frost Breath
S5.080 - Rock Slide
S5.081 - X-Scissor
S5.082 - Dragon Tail
S5.083 - Work Up
S5.084 - Poison Jab
S5.085 - Dream Eater
S5.086 - Grass Knot
S5.087 - Swagger
S5.088 - Pluck
S5.089 - U-turn
S5.090 - Substitute
S5.091 - Flash Cannon
S5.092 - Trick Room
S5.093 - Wild Charge
S5.094 - Rock Smash
S5.095 - Snarl

Series Six Technical Machine
Released on October 12, 2013, the Series Six Technical Machine saw the number of devices increase to one hundred, the introduction of a few new energies, but not much else. The devices themselves remained the same, utilizing a USB port and flash drive, and remained multiple use. One important thing to note, however, is that unlike the Series Five, multiple energies can be stored on the same device, eliminating the need for trainers to carry multiple devices.

The Series Six is still currently in production.

S6.001 - Hone Claws
S6.002 - Dragon Claw
S6.003 - Psyshock
S6.004 - Calm Mind
S6.005 - Roar
S6.006 - Toxic
S6.007 - Hail
S6.008 - Bulk Up
S6.009 - Venoshock
S6.010 - Hidden Power
S6.011 - Sunny Day
S6.012 - Taunt
S6.013 - Ice Beam
S6.014 - Blizzard
S6.015 - Hyper Beam
S6.016 - Light Screen
S6.017 - Protect
S6.018 - Rain Dance
S6.019 - Roost
S6.020 - Safeguard
S6.021 - Frustration
S6.022 - Solar Beam
S6.023 - Smack Down
S6.024 - Thunderbolt
S6.025 - Thunder
S6.026 - Earthquake
S6.027 - Return
S6.028 - Dig
S6.029 - Psychic
S6.030 - Shadow Ball
S6.031 - Brick Break
S6.032 - Double Team
S6.033 - Reflect
S6.034 - Sludge Wave
S6.035 - Flamethrower
S6.036 - Sludge Bomb
S6.037 - Sandstorm
S6.038 - Fire Blast
S6.039 - Rock Tomb
S6.040 - Aerial Ace
S6.041 - Torment
S6.042 - Facade
S6.043 - Flame Charge
S6.044 - Rest
S6.045 - Attract
S6.046 - Thief
S6.047 - Low Sweep
S6.048 - Round
S6.049 - Echoed Voice
S6.050 - Overheat
S6.051 - Steel Wing
S6.052 - Focus Blast
S6.053 - Energy Ball
S6.054 - False Swipe
S6.055 - Scald
S6.056 - Fling
S6.057 - Charge Beam
S6.058 - Sky Drop
S6.059 - Incinerate
S6.060 - Quash
S6.061 - Will-O-Wisp
S6.062 - Acrobatics
S6.063 - Embargo
S6.064 - Explosion
S6.065 - Shadow Claw
S6.066 - Payback
S6.067 - Retaliate
S6.068 - Giga Impact
S6.069 - Rock Polish
S6.070 - Flash
S6.071 - Stone Edge
S6.072 - Volt Switch
S6.073 - Thunder Wave
S6.074 - Gyro Ball
S6.075 - Swords Dance
S6.076 - Struggle Bug
S6.077 - Psych Up
S6.078 - Bulldoze
S6.079 - Frost Breath
S6.080 - Rock Slide
S6.081 - X-Scissor
S6.082 - Dragon Tail
S6.083 - Infestation
S6.084 - Poison Jab
S6.085 - Dream Eater
S6.086 - Grass Knot
S6.087 - Swagger
S6.088 - Sleep Talk
S6.089 - U-turn
S6.090 - Substitute
S6.091 - Flash Cannon
S6.092 - Trick Room
S6.093 - Wild Charge
S6.094 - Rock Smash
S6.095 - Snarl
S6.096 - Nature Power
S6.097 - Dark Pulse
S6.098 - Power-Up Punch
S6.099 - Dazzling Gleam
S6.100 - Confide
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Technical Machines
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