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PostSubject: Acid   Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:31 pm

Common Name: Acid
Official Name: Yokaieki
Type: Poison
Category: Special
Potentia Points: 30
Power: 40
Accuracy: 100
Speed: 0
Target: Opposing Adjacent

Contact: No
Blockable: Yes
Reflectable: No
Snatchable: No
Copyable: Yes
King's Rock: No

Contest Condition: Smart
Appeal +1, Jam -4

Super Contest Condition: Smart
Appeal +3

Known at Birth or Evolution

Learned by Level
Ekans Level: 20
Oddish Level: 9
Bellsprout Level: 23
Weepinbell Level: 23
Tentacool Level: 12
Lileep Level: 8
Seismitoad Level: 36
Eelektrik Level: 19
Shelment Level: 4
Skrelp Level: 15

Learned by Breeding

Acid manifests as a steady stream of bright orange spray that lasts for approximately three seconds, coating the opposing Pokémon and attempting to sink into its skin. If the acid successfully sinks into the opposing Pokémon's skin, that Pokémon's Chitosan levels are temporarily lowered by one stage until that Pokémon is withdrawn from battle or utilizes a move that can recover or increase Chitosan levels. There is a ten percent chance that Acid will lower Chitosan levels each time it is used.

A low ranking move that can be devastating if the chance to reduce an opponent's Chitosan levels activates, Acid does its most damage through this. Because Acid's strength is directly affected by an opponent's Chitosan levels, reducing them enables Acid to reduce even more of their overall energy the next time it is used.
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