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PostSubject: Abilities   Abilities Icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2015 1:19 am

Arcana Shield
Reduce the damage taken from all Arcana to zero and increase the damage taken from physical attacks by 100% for one turn. (This ability can be used once per battle.

Increase Status Resistance of a single Target by 50% until the end of the battle. (This ability can be used once per battle)

Teleport to any known location unless the Target is actively engaged in combat at a cost of ten Health per Target per level. (This ability can be used once per turn; Target must be in the same location as the Caster)

Sacrifice 50% Health in order to lay a Curse upon all hostile Targets. (This ability can be used once per battle or once per session, whichever lasts longer)

Divine Intervention
Cannot take damage except for Critical Damage and cannot deal damage except for Critical Damage. (This ability can be used one per turn.)

Become incorporeal for two turns; during this time, damage cannot be dealt by or two the Caster (This ability can be used once per battle)

Increase the power of damage dealt by 1 and decrease the chance to hit by 1. (This ability can be used up to three times per turn)

Decrease damage taken from Raeli-type attacks to zero and increase damage taken from Eos-type attacks by 100%. (This ability can be used once per battle)

Temporarily causes an ally Target become undead until the end of the round. (This ability can be used once per turn.)
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