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Chapter One
We are introduced to Eclaveri'ia Auvry'ath, a former slave from Morrowind who spent some time working in the Halit Mine, near Ghostgate. Seeking to escape Morrowind, knowing that he could never afford to on his meager wages, Eclaveri'ia pockets a few pieces of malachite, commonly called glass. He is seen, however, by Dolmesa Sarano, who threatens to report him to the guards. Holding her knowledge of his theft over him, Dolmesa makes Eclaveri'ia do some of her work in addition to his own, threatening constantly to tell the guards if he doesn't. Eclaveri'ia becomes resentful over time and murders Dolmesa, taking the malachite he's hoarded and fleeing the mine. He fled west to Tel Mora, exchanging the pieces of malachite for passage to Anvil, in Cyrodiil.

Chapter Two
The Siren's Deception
Beginning of A Knife in the Dark

Chapter Three
A Knife in the Dark
Corruption and Conscience

Chapter Four
A Watery Grave
Accident's Happen (mentioned)
Scheduled for Execution

Chapter Five
The Assassinated Man
Eclaveri'ia meets the main character of A Mage's Tail in The Grey Mare
Darkness Eternal (Eclaveri'ia becomes a vampire)

Chapter Six
The Lonely Wanderer
Eclaveri'ia meets Alessia, the main character of Blood and Sand
Bad Medicine

Chapter Seven
The Renegade Shadowscale

Chapter Eight
Permenant Retirement
Eclaveri'ia meets the main character of All That Glitters, who brings him to Ahdarji's house when he is injured.
Beginning of The Purification

Chapter Nine
The Purification

Chapter Ten
Affairs of a Wizard (mentioned as Eclaveri'ia looks over the hourglass)
Next of Kin

Chapter Eleven
Broken Vows
Final Justice

Chapter Twelve
A Matter of Honor
The Coldest Sleep

Chapter Thirteen
Following a Lead

Honor Thy Mother (Eclaveri'ia chooses to flee, refusing to become Listener and abandoning the Dark Brotherhood)
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