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"He's coming," Professor Pine said, twirling a finger in his long, white hair.  "Don't you see? Don't you see? Everything is as the legend describes."  He turned, his lab coat whirling behind him and knocking a glass vial off the table. It fell to the ground, shattering into a thousand tiny shards, but Professor Pine didn't seem to notice.  He was tearing through a large bookshelf, glancing occasionally at the spine of a book before tossing it over his shoulder.  "Here!" he said at least, retrieving a particularly large, musty book with a faded black cover.  He swept the remaining vials and canisters off the table with his arm and slammed the book down.  He opened the book, furiously turning page after page until he found the one he was searching for.  "The egg," he said softly, tapping his finger against the page.
"What is it?" Kayla asked.  The egg was fairly simple, large and white, but had a strange yellow band around the middle.  Professor Pine chuckled gleefully and clapped his hands together.
"The legend," he exclaimed.  "Yes, the legend.  It is said that when the world's need is most dire, the legendary trainer will appear!"  He flipped through a few more pages, pointing his finger at another picture.  An indistinct figure stood in the center, surrounding by several square shaped objects.  "The legendary trainer will gather all the Pokémon of the world to him," Professor Pine explained.  "He will then gather the mystical items and use them to awaken the Original One.  The Original One will return to the world, purge it of all evil, and bring about everlasting peace."  He slammed the book shut.  "But only with the help of the legendary trainer!  We must find him," Professor Pine rushed up against Kayla, pushing her against a shelf and putting his face very close to hers.  Kayla turned her head to the side, frightened. "You must find him," he whispered.  "It is our only chance for salvation... our only chance..." He turned away, slowly walking back towards the book as he began sobbing and muttering incoherently.
"Professor Pine?" she asked cautiously, taking a few steps towards the man.  Professor Pine stopped sobbing and stood straight, seemingly in a moment of clarity.
"I will not send you off on this journey alone," he said.  "You must find the legendary trainer, but you cannot do it by yourself.  I have managed to hide one Pokémon from Eclipse.  You will find it downstairs, hidden behind the black cabinet near the power box.  Take it.  Take it and find the legendary trainer.  Only you..." He devolved into muttering and sobbing once more, his tired and adled mind failing him again.  Kayla took a few step backwards and then turned, running deeper into the manse.
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