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 Character List

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PostSubject: Character List   Character List Icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 10:38 pm

Major Protagonists
Velox Linum
Maeghan Venia
Ferrilata Deoré
Crown Prince Karyl Ignisis IV
Gieta Kalos Tyria

Minor Protagonists
Rotian Clavus
Bal Larga
Aricus Perigrinus
Alopex Perigrinus
Lord Aphis, Dread Lord of the South
Ulé Nightclaw
Primalis Græni Ordiri

Major Antagonists
Praefect Vevi Onidae, Prince of Skulls
Lord Divis, Dread Lord of the Center
Nycti Corax, Queen of the Jysir
Escharnir Windrunner, Underking of the Kermekara
Uncia High Lord Abanté Incendia
Vorac, the Prince of Greed

Minor Antagonists
Charlotte Aurita
Archon Scrim Linum
Imperator Raibeart Deoré
Lord Ecagé, Dread Lord of the North
Lord Aiyrg, Dread Lord of the East
Lord Scina, Dread Lord of the West
Arctocé Callor, Keeper of the Candles
Luscina, Princess of the Jysir
Cordelia, Crown Princess of the Jysir
Capria, Princess of the Jysir
Pardus High Lord Corsac Ventus
Diardi High Lord Chelonia Aquas
Nebulosa High Lord Zerda Terra

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Character List
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