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PostSubject: Untitled   Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:22 pm

The Eight Bandit Clans
Ulé Nightclaw
Athene Silvermist
Jubula Marshraven
Nesasio Blackshade
Ninox Stromcaller
Otus Razorfang
Strix Lightbreaker
Surnia Warheart

Cedar Crest
Falcon Ridge

Main Kingdoms of Sumnergaiden
Elicia - Jané (Empire)
Elsha - Jané (Empire)
Kacy - Jané
Lethia - Jané (Empire)
Palmira - Firakara
Rhina - Firakara
Selene - Ubivikara
Zelia - Jané

The Three Kings
Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka
Before the Empire was founded, Sumnergaiden was controlled by three kingdoms. After centuries of war, the three kingdoms found peace and merged together to form the First Empire. The three kings at the time unanimously chose an emperor. When the kings died, they were buried in a single tomb. To this day, members of the royal family can contact the ancient kings for advice. The Tomb of the Three, officially named

Skathi Harm-Shadow (The Heretic) is married to Camilla Valerius and has two adopted daughters: Sofie and Lucia.
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