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 Legendary Pokémon Locations

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Heartless Angel

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PostSubject: Legendary Pokémon Locations   Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:07 pm

Articuno - Mountains of Winter
Zapdos - Abandoned Power Plant
Moltres - Mount Chyth
Mewtwo - Forgotten Cave
Mew - Supreme Island
Entei - Wandering
Raikou - Wandering
Suicune - Wandering
Lugia - Within the Cavern of the Sea Spirits in the Islands of Mist
Ho-Oh - Phoenix Tower
Celebi - The Black Forest
Regirock - Lost Cavern (Zelian Desert)
Regice - Lost Cavern (Sephian Desert)
Registeel - Lost Cavern (Gaiden Desert)
Latios - Wandering
Latias - Wandering
Kyogre - Atacama Trench
Groudon - Hidden Tower
Rayquaza - Sky Pillar
Jirachi - Starlight Cave
Deoxys - Meteor Shower
Uxie - Lake Kagami
Mesprit - Lake Magatama
Azelf - Lake Kusanagi
Dialga - Cerise Village
Palkia - Cerise Village
Heatran - Mt. Pytero
Regigigas - Royal Temple
Giratina - Distortion World
Cresselia - Crescent Island
Phione - Breed Manaphy
Manaphy - Found as an Egg in the Atacama Trench
Darkrai - New Moon Island
Shaymin - Dorsthe
Arceus - The Void
Victini - Liberty Island
Cobalion - Wandering
Terrakion - Wandering
Virizion - Wandering
Tornadus - Wandering
Thundurus - Wandering
Reshiram - Dragonspiral Tower
Zekrom - Dragonspiral Tower
Landorus - Wandering
Kyurem - Tower of Ice
Keldeo - Wandering
Meloetta - Performing at the Globe Theater
Genesect - In the basement of Eclipse Towers
Xerneas - Utemu Forest
Yveltal - Vidioch Mountain
Zygarde - Assembled by Professor Pine after collecting all the Zygarde Cells
Diancie - Mutated from a Carbink
Hoopa - Trapped within the Prison Bottle in an antique shop
Volcanion - Mt. Itrego
Tapu Koko - Ruins of Conflict
Tapu Lele - Ruins of Life
Tapu Bulu - Ruins of Abundance
Tapu Fini - Ruins of Hope
Cosmog - Can be found during Star Showers
Cosmoem - Evolve Cosmog
Solgaleo - Evolve Cosmoem
Lunala - Evolve Cosmoem
Nihilego - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Buzzwole - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Pheromosa - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Xurkitree - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Celesteela - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Kartana - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Guzzlord - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Necrozma - Diamond Hill
Magearna - Ancient Palace
Marshadow - Unknown
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Legendary Pokémon Locations
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