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 Legendary Pokémon Locations

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PostSubject: Legendary Pokémon Locations   Legendary Pokémon Locations Icon_minitimeSat Dec 31, 2016 6:07 pm

Articuno - Den of Winter (Azure Bay)
Zapdos - Abandoned Power Plant
Moltres - Mount Chyth
Mewtwo - Forgotten Cave
Mew - Supreme Island
Entei - Wandering
Raikou - Wandering
Suicune - Wandering
Lugia - Within the Cavern of the Sea Spirits in the Islands of Mist
Ho-Oh - Phoenix Tower
Celebi - The Black Forest
Regirock - Lost Cavern (Zelian Desert)
Regice - Lost Cavern (Sephian Desert)
Registeel - Lost Cavern (Gaiden Desert)
Latios - Wandering
Latias - Wandering
Kyogre - Atacama Trench
Groudon - Hidden Tower
Rayquaza - Sky Pillar
Jirachi - Starlight Cave
Deoxys - Meteor Shower
Uxie - Lake Kagami
Mesprit - Lake Magatama
Azelf - Lake Kusanagi
Dialga - Cerise Village
Palkia - Cerise Village
Heatran - Mt. Pytero
Regigigas - Royal Temple
Giratina - Distortion World
Cresselia - Crescent Island
Phione - Breed Manaphy
Manaphy - Found as an Egg in the Atacama Trench
Darkrai - New Moon Island
Shaymin - Dorsthe
Arceus - The Void
Victini - Liberty Island
Cobalion - Wandering
Terrakion - Wandering
Virizion - Wandering
Tornadus - Wandering
Thundurus - Wandering
Reshiram - Dragonspiral Tower
Zekrom - Dragonspiral Tower
Landorus - Wandering
Kyurem - Tower of Ice
Keldeo - Wandering
Meloetta - Performing at the Globe Theater
Genesect - In the basement of Eclipse Towers
Xerneas - Utemu Forest
Yveltal - Vidioch Mountain
Zygarde - Assembled by Professor Pine after collecting all the Zygarde Cells
Diancie - Mutated from a Carbink
Hoopa - Trapped within the Prison Bottle in an antique shop
Volcanion - Mt. Itrego
Tapu Koko - Ruins of Conflict
Tapu Lele - Ruins of Life
Tapu Bulu - Ruins of Abundance
Tapu Fini - Ruins of Hope
Cosmog - Can be found during Star Showers
Cosmoem - Evolve Cosmog
Solgaleo - Evolve Cosmoem
Lunala - Evolve Cosmoem
Nihilego - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Buzzwole - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Pheromosa - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Xurkitree - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Celesteela - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Kartana - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Guzzlord - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Necrozma - Diamond Hill
Magearna - Ancient Palace
Marshadow - PokéGAP
Poipole - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Naganadel - Evolve Poipole
Stakataka - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Blacephalon - Appears from an Ultra Wormhole
Zeraora - Anksian City Power Plant
Meltan - Ancient Forge
Melmetal - Evolve Meltan

12 wandering
10 Ultra Wormhole

Pokémon Grand Adventure Park is our version of Safari Zone.  It has two sections.  The first section is a wildlife preserve where Poké Balls are disabled, while the second section is an area where trainers can actively capture Pokémon.

Trainers are classed based on a variety of factors, such as how many Pokémon they possess, what species of Pokémon they possess, how many wins and losses they have, how many badges they have, tournament rankings, and so on. Trainer ranks are as follows, from lowest to highest:

Class 3
Class 2
Class 1
Class E
Class D
Class C
Class B
Class A
Class S
Class SS
Class SS+
Class Z
Class X

All new trainers start as Class 3.
A Class X trainer would require all Pokémon at Level: 100, all badges, and all tournament wins, plus a plethora of wins and hardly any losses.
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Legendary Pokémon Locations
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