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 Chapter Summaries

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PostSubject: Chapter Summaries   Chapter Summaries Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2017 7:41 pm

Chapter One
A retelling of the events of the destruction of the Cathedral, Velox's escape with the Dark Lady's Caress / Death's Light, and an introduction to Warlord Assaled.

Chapter Two
Velox awakens from his nightmare about the destruction of the Cathedral. Maeghan wants to go see the parade greeting the king of the Ubivikara before they unertake their job for the Rogue Hand. While watching the parade, Velox decides he wants the Fool's Crown, the crown of the emperor. After the parade, the pair of them complete their assigned task and return to the Rogue Hand's headquarters.

Chapter Three
Velox sneaks into the palace at night and breaks into the Royal Vaults, where he finds the Fool's Crown. Before taking the crown, he meets a mysterious and beautiful woman wearing a black dress. She does not reveal who she is to him, but instead talks about something she refers to as "The Hymn." The woman is Talim, the goddess of Death, and "The Hymn" is the fundamental belief system of the Orkheisthai, servants of Vorac, the Prince of Avarice. After their discussion, Velox leaves with the crown but realizes the gemstones are fake and sits on the throne, waiting to be discovered.

Chapter Four
The emperor, impressed with Velox, sends him to the Royal Imperial Academy. His sponsor, whom he is going to live with, is Alopex Perigrinus, and his son, Aricus Perigrinus.
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Chapter Summaries
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