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 Catherine's Decks

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PostSubject: Catherine's Decks   Catherine's Decks Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2018 1:30 am

First Deck
Monsters: 24
1x Apprentice Magician
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Buster Blader
1x Chaos Command Magician
3x Dark Magician
3x Dark Magician Girl
1x Flame Manipulator
1x Gemini Elf
1x Magician of Faith
1x Magical Plant Mandragola
1x Maha Vailo
1x Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
1x Mirage Knight
1x Mystical Elf
1x Old Vindictive Magician
1x Relinquished
1x Rogue Doll
1x Skilled Dark Magician
1x Skilled White Magician
1x Thousand-Eyes Idol

Spells: 12
1x Black Illusion Ritual
3x Book of Secret Arts
1x Mage Power
1x Monster Reborn
3x Polymerization
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x United We Stand
1x Yami

Traps: 4
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Miracle Restoring
1x Mirror Force
1x Pitch-Black Power Stone

Extra Deck: 4
1x Dark Flare Knight
1x Dark Paladin
1x Flame Swordsman
1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict
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Catherine's Decks
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