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In Cerise Village, trainers seeking their first Pokémon descend deep into Dragon Cave and leave offerings to Dialga and Palkia.  If the two dragons deem the offering worthy, they will bequeath a Pokémon to the trainer.  There are three offerings and, as such, three possible Pokémon.  Trainers who offer the Dragon Scale will receive the Pokémon Dratini, those that leave the Dragon Fang will receive Bagon, and those that leave the Dragon Gem will obtain Gible.

Kayla leaves a Dragon Scale and receives the Pokémon Dratini.
Kayla's receives a Pokédex, designation Kassandra.
Kayla is discouraged because she doesn't see any Pokémon on her first day.
Kayla captures Skiddo on her second day as a trainer, boosting her confidence and brightening her mood.
Shortly after capturing Skiddo, Kayla witnesses a man dressed all in black with a black and green mask capturing another trainer's Pokémon using a strange device on his arm.

Gym Leaders
Electric - Amber - Lightning Badge
Ground - Avani - Soil Badge
Dragon - Draché - Scale Badge
Ghost - Geist - Spirit Badge
Flying - Ventus - Wind Badge
Psychic - Cassandra - Sage Badge
Ice - Everest - Sleet Badge
Fire - Rhina - Lava Badge

Elite Four
Dark - Adriana
Bug - Shirley
Electric - Terence
Water - William
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