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PostSubject: Pokélens   Pokélens Icon_minitimeWed Dec 11, 2013 4:39 am

The Pokémon Linked Encyclopedia, Navigation, and Communications System, or Pokélens, is a device that is designed to be worn over the wear's left or right eye and hook around the corresponding ear. A lens covers the eye, which is fed information from a tiny computer encased in the rest of the device. A small microphone is placed in the further corner of the eye, closest to the mouth, with the receiver is just above the ear, although some models have an ear bud that extends from the device into the ear. A small antenna extends from the center of the device, just behind the ear. This allows the device to function as a phone.

The device also features a small laser reading that can examine and identify the energies that are unique to each Pokémon and store the data within the device, where it can then be moved or copied to a USB card or transmitted wirelessly. This allows the device to function as a Pokédex and reveal required information to the trainer, such as how much energy the opposing or trainer's Pokémon has left or whether or not they already own a specimen of the encountered Pokémon.

The lens also features a map function, that can be turned on or off using a small button on the side of the device, or can be voice activated. Each device contains a fully functioning GPS that can not only tell the trainer where they are, but can also show the locations of other people with a Pokélens who have been registered with their device.

Each Pokélens has a twelve-digit identification number. It is this number that can be given to other people in order to register them for phone calls and allow them to transmit data between each other. Two players must enter each other's identification numbers or they cannot communicate with each other. For example, if Person A finds out Person B's identification number and enters it into their Pokélens, they still with not be able to communicate with or trade data with Person B unless Person B enters Person A's identification number into the Pokélens. A Pokélens is capable of storing five hundred identification numbers with a basic model.

In addition, the Pokélens can connect to a PDA either wirelessly or via a USB cable to upload or download data and can also connect to music devices, such as an MP3 player.
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