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Heartless Angel

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PostSubject: EXP Share   Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:32 pm

The Extracted Xenotransplantation Percetage Diversification System, commonly referred to as the EXP. Share, is a small devices that acts as an extension to a Poké Ball clip, which are usually placed on a trainer's belt. The device redirects a fraction of the Extracted Xenotransplantation Percentage that is radiated from the losing Pokémon in a battle and given to the winning Pokémon and gives this redirected energy to the Pokémon inside the Poké Ball that is being held by the clip. The EXP. Share has several different settings, allowing the Pokémon it assists to receive between ten and fifty percent of the EXP gained in battle.

In addition, trainers can use multiple devices for multiple Pokémon, but the devices can only redirect a maximum of fifty percent of the EXP between them, meaning even if the trainer uses five devices, the Pokémon can only receive a maximum of ten percent of the gained EXP. Fifty percent of the EXP will always be absorbed by the Pokémon who won the battle.
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EXP Share
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