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 Sihou Region

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Heartless Angel
Heartless Angel

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PostSubject: Sihou Region   Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:10 pm

Regional Professor - Jalisco Pine

Anksian City - Amber (Electric)
Lightning Badge

Anié City - Avani (Ground)
Soil Badge

Arilé City - Draché (Dragon)
Scale Badge

Chinesis City - Geist (Ghost)
Spirit Badge

Lican City - Ventus (Flying)
Wind Badge

Nocar City - Cassandra (Psychic)
Sage Badge

Rosa City - Everest (Ice)
Sleet Badge

Synlé City - Kenneth (Fire)
Lava Badge

Sihou League Headquarters - Laevi City
Adriana - Dark
Shirley - Bug
Rhina - Fire
William - Poison
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Sihou Region
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