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 The Adanhym

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PostSubject: The Adanhym   The Adanhym Icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 10:57 pm

Ximorac the Unseen (also called Rumix, Daroxim, Hexosumé and Jedixus)

Jahkayhla the Jeden of Power
Eligiré the Jeden of Grace
Ramaat the Jeden of Wisdom
Audentia the Jeden of Courage

Gods and Goddesses
Talim the goddess of Death
Lifia the goddess of Life
Aevum the god of Eternity

Esdé the Sorcerer (Talim Arcana)
Usedi the Shield (Aegis)
Eponem the Sage (Dominion)
Fei the Virtuous (Faith)
Javis the Hunter (Hunter)
Nio the Healer (Lifia Arcana)
Eslé the Archer (Marksmanship)
Suné the Necromancer (Necromancy)
Esné the Warrior (Ordnance)
Nossus the Mirror (Simulacra)
Tanoph the Summoner (Summoning)
Equsidis the Apothecary (Apothecary)
Jesoté the Alluring (Charisma)
Novu the Focused (Meditation)
Suhai the Thief (Rogue)
Tuam the Compassionate (Soul Forging)
Desus the Carpenter (Carpentry)
Detho the Artisan (Craftsmanship)
Damos the Baker (Culinary)
Tailtiu the Farmer (Farming)
Ceté the Fisherman (Fisherman)
Flae the Fletch (Fletching)
Haces the Centaur (Husbandry)
Nisomé the Silvertongue (Mercantile)
Nivem the Smith (Metallurgy)
Usi the Miner (Mining)
Seloph the Eagle (Tracking)
Xuftné the Woodcutter (Woodsman)
Arkos the Scholar (Archaeology)
Sivou the Explorer (Exploration)
Musi the Archivist (Lore)

Tanis the Summer Breeze
Eavan the Autumn Leaf
Xevis the Winter Snow
Toph the Spring Rain
Raeli the Firm Land
Ogisu the Burning Inferno
Eos the Howling Wind
Meli the Raging Torrent
Niht the Evening Star
Daeg the Morning Sky

Athos, the King of Apathy
Vorac, the Prince of Avarice
Ira, the Prince of Wrath
Vanus, the Prince of Pride
Luxurian, the Prince of Lust
Sentir, the Prince of Envy
Acedian, the Prince of Sloth
Oban, the Prince of Gluttony
Wyrcéa, the Princess of Dilgence
Cora, the Princess of Kindess
Treysta, the Princess of Chastity
Carita, the Princess of Charity
Comati, the Princess of Humility
Amica, the Princess of Patience
Regulia, the Princess of Temperance
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The Adanhym
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