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 The Bound

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Heartless Angel

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PostSubject: The Bound   The Bound Icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 12:25 am

Once a powerful Arcanist, the Bound was defeated by Velox Linum. Broken so badly his body could no longer function properly, the Bound is lashed to a wooden wheelchair by thick iron chains that strap across his torso and legs. His fingers and hands are twisted oddly, looking broken, crossed over his chest and his head forever rests at his shoulder, his chin touching his collar bone. He still has limited use of his Arcana, only that which Velox allows, and is use primarily as a warning to others who might oppose the Sancire. He often speaks of the promise Velox made to him, that he will be freed "when the red sun rises" and will unleash destruction upon the world in the name of the Sancire.
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The Bound
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