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 Light and Darkness: The Fall

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Light and Darkness: The Fall Empty
PostSubject: Light and Darkness: The Fall   Light and Darkness: The Fall Icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 8:44 pm

Lucifer, my sweet Lucifer, how did you fall so far?
You were the first on children, the bright Morning Star.
It was to you whom I gave first of my love,
It was you whom I placed no one above.
But in your selfish pride you sought to rebel,
And fled from my Light to reign in Hell.
And now my heart aches because of it all,
Thus begins the story of Light and Darkness: The Fall.


Lucifer felt a pain that he could not place,
But he knew that this pain was not a mistake.
He opened his eyes and looked around at his kin,
Feeling his anger boiling up from within.
He looked to his left to see one of his kind,
He looked to his right and knew what he would find.
"How long has it been?" he asked of his twin.
"It has been eons," came the reply, "since we've fallen in sin."
Lucifer sighed and closed his wings as he fell,
Looking down into darkness that would lead him to Hell.
"We've been cast out of Heaven, away from the Light,"
Satanas' light had diminished, he was shrouded like night.
Lucifer nodded his agreement, but he did not weep.
"I'm sorry tired, brother, let us fall to sleep."
The archangel's eyes closed as he continued to descend,
He thoughts turned to his punishment, never returning to Heaven again.
All around him, in darkness, more angels speed passed,
Though Lucifer was sleeping, his eyes shut fast.
He alone had kept his light, had kept his grace,
But never again would he see the Light's face.
More time had passed when Lucifer finally awoke,
And even more still before he finally spoke.
"How many fell with us, my brother?" he asked.
Satanas looked around and counted fast.
"Our followers claim a third of Heaven's might,
Another third perished in our dark fight."
Lucifer nodded and smiled, though his feelings were mixed.
"And what of my generals, the six hundred sixty-six?"
Of his most loyal followers Lucifer saw no sign,
Perhaps they were still falling and would arrive in time.
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Light and Darkness: The Fall
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