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 Character List

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PostSubject: Character List   Character List Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 1:00 am

Full Name: Tirananniel Direnni
Birthday: 23 Frostfall, 3E 123
Birthplace: Solitude, Skyrim
Spouse: None
Title: High Queen of Skyrim; Dragonborn; Empress of Tamriel
Notes: Grandniece of Potema Septim
Build: The Sorcerer

Sealed away in a cave for five hundred years by her greataunt, Potema Septim, and bound by time enchantments, Tirananniel was recently unsealed by the Thalmor.  Recognizing her as a potential tool, or possible threat, they took her to the Thalmor Embassy.  Along the way, however, they were ambushed by Wartooth, who slaughtered Tirananniel's captors and rescued her.  Something in her eyes made him stay with her and he serves as her protector.

Full Name: Scar-Tail
Birthday: 11 First Seed, 4E 181
Birthplace: Windhelm, Skyrim
Spouse: None
Title: None
Notes: None
Build: The Salamander

Growing tired of living a poor life in Windhelm, Scar-Tail takes the first chance he gets to leave with Skathi and his companions.  He develops a fondness for magic, which is taught to him by Tirananniel and Eclaveri'ia.

Full Name: Pandothiel Silverwood
Birthday: 17 Frost Fall, 4E 173
Birthplace: Riverwood, Skyrim
Spouse: None
Title: None
Notes: Sister to Faendal
Build: The Arcane Archer

Dropped off in a fortress overrun with Forsworn, wearing only rags.  Awakening, she vows revenge on the man who did this to her and finds a note wrapped around a single lock pick that simply reads "Good luck."  She manages to pick the lock on the cell that holds her and grabs a nearby sack, covering the head of the Forsworn who is guarding her and strangling him with it.  She takes his bow and arrows and escapes the fortress, running into Adrianne on the road a few hours later.

Full Name: Aurore Sylvain
Birthday: 2 Midyear, 4E 177
Birthplace: Winterhold, Skyrim
Spouse: None
Title: Archmage of the College of Winterhold
Notes: None
Build: The Bronze Sentinel

Full Name: Eclaveriia Hlaalu
Birthday: 13 Rain's Hand, 3E 378
Birthplace: Balmora, Morrowind
Spouse: Serana
Title: Listener of the Dark Brotherhood; Patron of the Volkihar Vampire Clan
Build: The Kingslayer

Full Name: Adrianne Lachance
Birthday: 14 First Seed, 4E 181
Birthplace: Cheydinhal, Cyrodiil
Spouse: None
Title: Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild; Nightingale of Nocturnal
Notes: Descendant of Lucien Lachance
Build: The Seraphim

Full Name: J'syra
Birthday: 25 Evening Star, 4E 168
Birthplace: Corinthe, Eleswyr
Spouse: None
Title: None
Notes: None
Build: The Heretic

A Pahmar-raht, J'Syra stands just over eight feet tall, nearly a half meter taller than an Altmer, and possesses thick, powerful muscles.  Despite his size, J'Syra is agile and fast, able to nimbly dodge arrows as he is a punch.  A member of one of the trading caravans, K'Syra and Wartooth have a disagreement and fight.  After Wartooth defeats K'Syra in unarmed combat, the Khajiit elects to join the traveling companions.

Full Name: Skathi Harm-Shadow
Birthday: 4 Sun's Height, 4E 157
Birthplace: Shor's Stone, Skyrim
Spouse: Camilla Valerius
Title: Jarl of Windhelm
Notes: None
Build: The Fallen

The son of a blacksmith, Skathi longed for adventure from a young age.  When he was fourteen, war broke out between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion.  Seeing his chance for adventure, Skathi ran away from home and joined the Imperial Legion, fighting against the Thalmor in Cyrodiil.  It was during this time that he would befriend Ulfric Stormclock, the future Jarl of Windhelm.  Following Ulfric's capture by the Thalmor, it was Skathi who led the charge to help him escape from them.  After the war, Skathi also joined Ulfric in helping reclaim Markarth from the Forsworn in exchange for free worship of Talos.  Shortly before Ulfric killed High King Torygg, Skathi discovered that he had been working for the Thalmor, though it is not entirely clear how he discovered this information and he is not keen to talk on it.  Following this, Skathi severed his ties with Ulfric, whom he had been close friends with for nearly thirty years, and went into the wilds of Skyrim, becoming a bandit.

Full Name: Agronak gro-Malacath
Birthday: 8 Frostfall, 4E 172
Birthplace: Lishnaz Nul, Skyrim
Spouse: Borgakh the Steel Heart
Title: Chief of Lishnaz Nul
Notes: Son of a Daedric Lord (Malacath); Known as Wartooth
Build: The Mauloch

A blessing to his people from the Daedric Lord Malacath, Wartooth was away from Lishnaz Nul when the Thalmor attacked his stronghold, seeking to curb a rebellion against them before the possibility of one arose.  When Agronak returned, he discovered only the smoldering ruins of his stronghold and the corpses of his friends and family.  He adopted the moniker Wartooth and swore vengeance upon the Thalmor.  While ambushing a group of Thalmor, he discovered they held one of their own as a prisoner; Tirananniel.  His first instinct was to kill the girl, but something in her eyes made him stay his hand and he elected to remain with her as a protector.

Full Name: Ikraam
Birthday: 23 Sun's Height, 4E 180
Birthplace: Sentinel, Hammerfell
Spouse: None
Title: None
Notes: Alik'r Warrior (Prisoner in Whiterun)
Build: The Obsidian Sentinel

While attempting to sneak into Whiterun and search for a fugitive from Hammerfell, Ikraam was discovered by the guards and thrown into Dragonsreach.  Because of this, he has been forsaken by Kematu and the rest of the Alik'r.  He is freed by Skathi Harm-Shadow while he is visiting Whiterun and, because he has nowhere else to go, elects to join the Nord and his friends.
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Character List
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