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 The Magi

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Following the First Breaking, when the Jané were still a young race, fighting to attain what they believed to be their rightful place amongst the Higher Races, the First Emperor created a secret organization whose name has long since been lost to history.  This organization was comprised of two distinct sects: those that used stealth and those that fought openly.  These two sects had one thing in common, however; they could wield a higher form of Arcana known as magic.  Alas, as the Jané spread to the five corners of the world, the organizations power and influence dwindled as the world became simply too large for the select few elite chosen.  The organization and its talents were lost... Until He came.

Already a legend in His own right, He discovered the secrets of magic as no Jané had done since the First Empire.  Gathering a few loyal followers unto Himself, He shared the secrets that He had discovered with them and ushered a new age of fear and tyranny into a world that was divide by war and mistrust.  He named His followers the Sancire and divided them into two sects, as His predecessor had done so long ago: the Magiblade and the Magishade.

The Magiblade
As He created them, the Magiblade was a force of fifteen hundred warriors, conscripted from the seventeen bandit clans that He had conquered, remnants of the Empire of the Golden Dragon that had joined Him, and many soldiers from the Dread Army of the South.  They were given knowledge on how to control fire and frost, how to heal themselves in the heat of battle, and even how to raise the bodies of those they slew to fight for them, rather than against them.  Alongside their powerful magics, the Magiblade also held sturdy steel, eager to slice into the flesh of their foes just as their magics were eager to blast them apart.

Imperial (Maiket): Coming from the scattered remnants of a once proud Empire, the Degeri bring several aspects to the Sancire.  Firstly, the receive a starting bonus to One-Handed, Destruction, Enchanting, Restoration, Block, and Heavy Armor, all of which are key skills for a Magiblade.  Secondly, they are known for their sweet tongues, able to calm an enemy and stop them from attacking for a few precious moments, even when they are burying their blades into the stomachs of their enemies.  Lastly, the Degeri seem to have a knack for gleaning silver and gold from places where others might find nothing, allowing them to more easily fund the Sancire's war machine.

Nord (Degeri): Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Omniseph north of the Empire, the Degeri are hearty warriors that have long since endured the chilled summers and frozen winters of their icy homeland.  Because of this, they have a built a natural resist to Frost, which allows them to survive the chilling Arcana wielded by necromancers and the icy blasts spewed by dragons.  Like the Degeri, they also receive a starting bonus to One-Handed, although they receive an even higher bonus to Two-Handed, and favor Light Armor over Heavy Armor.  Unlike their neighbors to the south, however, the voice of a Degeri frightens their foes, causing them to flee for a brief period of time.

Breton (Tenya):  To the west of the Empire lies a small island that is home to the mystical Tenya.  He was most interested in recruiting these enigmatic folk into His army, as they were found to be much more naturally inclined towards wielding magic than the rest of the Jané.  Their bonuses to Restoration, Illusion, and Alchemy were well received, but it was their unexpected talent for raising the dead that made them most valuable.  Not content to be better than their peers at wielding magic, they could also absorb magic and cursed thrown at them by their enemies.

Redguard (Zelian):  From the desert they came, led by the Dread Lord of the South himself.  The mighty Zelians, their skin darkened by thousands of years under the hot suns, their arms powerful from fighting death on a daily basis, and their hearts filled with a passion to slay their enemies.  Perhaps no race, Jané or otherwise, can match the Zelians when it comes to war.  With bonuses to One-Handed, Destruction, Archery, and the fantastic ability to go harder, longer, faster before tiring, the Zelians are some of His most prizes troops.  Not only are they excellent fighters, but they have developed a natural resistance to poison from millennia dealing with scorpions and other desert horrors.

Primary Skills
While ancient and powerful magic is the lifeblood of the Magi, it was soon realized that Magicka reserves are limited and, when they run out, even the most powerful Magi could die just as easily as the weakest.  Thus were the Magi given swords and axes, and christened the Magiblade.

It is thought that Destruction magic was taught to the First Emperor by Ira, the Prince of Wrath, sometime shortly after his coronation.  Where He learned it, though, it the subject of much debated amongst scholars.  The most widely accepted theory is that He learned it from Esdé the Sorcerer, the source of all Arcana.  Destruction magic takes the elements themselves and directs them into powerful forms capable to burning, freezing, and disintegrating one's enemies.

It was Lifia, the goddess of Life, that first taught the Kara and the Jané how to mend their wounds.  Drawing upon her divine blessings, Restoration magic can not only restore the Magi's life force, but also refresh them and restore their stamina, increase their rate of magicka regeneration, and even provide them with magical wards that protect them from enemy magic.

The older sister of the goddess of Life, Talim, the goddess of Death, was long thought to have been the first to allow mortals to reclaim the dead from her realm.  However, it was recently discovered that it was actually Suné, the first necromancer, who passed on this gift.  Not only can a practiced Magi resurrect the dead, but they can also summons mystical entities from other realms to do their bidding, whether in the form of Daedra or weapons, and they can steal the souls of their victims to grant them even more power.  It should be noted that in most cases, however, resurrected bodies and summons entities do not stay long, as Talim covets those she has claimed and is loathe to give them up.

Not content with wielding magic from their fingertips, the Magi also devised a way to imbue their magic into the swords they keep ready.  Whether the power of fire, frost, or shock, the ability to steal life from their foes, paralyze them, or devour their very souls, many Magi keep several weapons on hand that serve a variety of purposes.  Not only are their weapons given magic, but they are known to weave spells into their armor as well, affording them even more protection.

Secondary Skills
Heavy Armor
While most Arcanists wear enchants robes and hoods, the Magi adorn themselves with heavy armors of iron, steel, and more durable materials to better protect them from enemy blades.  With the secrets of magic He provided, they have woven their knowledge into their armors, enchanting them far better than common robes and hoods.

The subtle art of alchemy was long considered a hobby of the eccentric; those who bothered to take the time and frolic in the meadows and forests to collect various reagents.  However, the Magi have taken this once-simple past time and forged it into a deadly art of poisons and potions, making themselves even more powerful than they would be without it.

Perk Spread

With five ranks of Armsman, the Magi's blades deal double damage.  Dual Flurry increases the speed of these attacks, and can be further increased by a vampire who takes the Necromage perk from the Restoration skill tree.  Savage Strike and Dual Savagery combine for an additional seventy-five percent damage.  In the hands of a skilled Magiblade, an Iron Sword that once could scarcely kill a Skeever might very well be enough to topple a giant.

Dragons had long since disappeared when the First Emperor taught his followers the secrets of magics, but He found them, woke them from their slumber, and learned how to speak as they did.  Taking a few of His most powerful and most devout followers, He taught them to speak as well, gifting them with powerful Shouts to add them in their battles.

Become Etheral
The greatest shame of any Magi is to flee from battle; most would rather die an honorable death than live with the knowledge that they abandoned their brothers in their time of need.  To this end, Become Ethereal can buy a Magi precious time to recover, or find a better position, to continue their assault.

Call of Valor
A foolish Magi believes they are invincible, while the wise Magi understands there are some enemies that are too powerful to fight head on.  Thus while the wise Magi summon aid from beyond the grave, using their Voice to enlist help from one of the First Emperor's original followers.

Dragon Aspect
One of the most powerful gives He learned from the dragons, this Shout allows a Magi to strengthen their defenses, summon aid, and allows them to Shout again sooner than usual.  Not only this, but it surrounds the Magi in flaming armor, giving them a dragon-like appearance, and instilling fear and awe into their enemies.

Elemental Fury
When there are too many enemies to handle, a Magi can call upon the winds to aid him, allowing him to strike faster and, hopefully, survive against overwhelming odds. Combined with Dual Flurry, Elemental Fury allows a Magi's weapons to move faster than their enemy's eyes can follow, often slaying the foe before they even realize they are under attack.

Fire Breath/Frost Breath
In moments of great peril, when other options are lost, the Magi can channel their magic directly through their voices, allowing them to breathe fire and frost. Rather than use this as a weapon, however, it serves to distract their enemies so they can find a better position, strike with a blade, or heal themselves. Only the first words of these shouts are learned, as the stronger versions are less pragmatic than one would think.

Marked For Death
One of the most sinister weapons in a Magi's arsenal, the Marked For Death Shout weakens enemies severely before the Magi even has to fight them, allowing for a quicker battle. However, due to the inherent nature of this Shout, most Magi choose only to use it against overwhelming groups of enemies, preferring an honorable fight against just a few foes.

Weapons and Armor
A gorgeous blade, said to have been forged in the fires of the Abyss by Nivem, and then enchanted by Meli, Chillrend is one of the best weapons in the game. At its strongest, the base damage is surpassed only by Miraak's most powerful sword (obtained fourteen levels later), and matched only by the Dragonbone Sword. With the Augmented Frost perks from the Destruction skill tree, the Frost Damage dealt by this legendary weapon increases from thirty to forty-five, and the blade's hunger for victory ensures it will paralyze nearly any foe for two seconds, which is more than enough time for a skilled Magi to get in a number of hits.

Like his sister Meli, the Aurae Ogisu also enchanted a blade that was forged by Nivem, imbuing it with the power of his flames. Unbeknownst to either of them, however, Tuam tampered with the enchantment, adding her own affinity for the theft of souls. Thus, like its twin Chillrend, does Blazerive have dual enchanments: the ability to steal souls and immense fire damage (Fire Damage + Fiery Soul Trap).

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The Magi
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