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PostSubject: Game List   Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:32 pm

Vayn is the calmer and more calculating of the two brothers, preferring to think things through and form a plan of action rather than simply rushing into things.  Rind thrives on rushing headlong into the unknown, finding things out as they happen, and is generally a hot-headed person.  While these stories are centered in video game worlds, they most deal with the two personalities of the brothers, especially when they must enter into situations where the game does not fit their personality type.  It is also important to note that, for the most part, Rind is not a gamer, while Vayn has extensively knowledge of most of the video games they enter.  His knowledge fails, however, when confronted with shooters and sports games, while Rind does play shooters.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
While shopping in town with his brother Rind, Vayn enters a strange shop that mostly deals in the occult.  The mysterious old man behind the counter shows him an ancient artifiact that he promises will transport Vayn to another world.  Not really believing in the magic of the artifact, Vayn buys it anyway and takes it home.  That night, Vayn and his brother have a party.  Feeling rather drunk, Vayn retires to bed early and falls asleep.  While he sleeps, the artifact glows brightly.  Waking up, Vayn finds himself in a dark room with stone walls and steel bars.  A sinister voice taunts him, saying that he's going to be killed soon.  Three soldiers with an older man dressed in finery come to stand at the door to his cell, entering and opening an escape route.  Vayn asks the older man who he is.  The older man introduces himself as Emperor Uriel Septim, the emperor of Tamriel and Vayn realizes that he is actually in a video game.

Shadow of the Colossus
Vayn and Rind find themselves on horseback riding towards a long bridge that ends at a large temple.  When they arrive at the temple, they are greeted by a mysterious voice that introduces itself as Dormin and says it knows they should not be here.  Vayn asks how they can leave and Dormin tells them that they must destroy the sixteen statutes that line the walls; which can only be destroyed by finding the sixteen Colossi within the land and killing them.  As they progress, Vayn and Rind begin to think that Dormin might have ulterior motives and don't quite trust it, but Rind does admit they have little choice but to kill the Colossi.  Just before they reach the final Colossi, the bridge they are on collapses.  Their horses toss them off towards the Colossi and fall into the canyon.  Rind makes it but Vayn is barely holding on.  He looks up at his brother and tells him to go before saying good-bye and letting go.  Rind continues on, killing the final Colossi and returning to the Temple, where he is confronted by several men in strange masks.  Dormin tells Rind that he held up his end of the bargain and takes over his body, slaughtering most of the masked men.  One of them, the leader, opens a portal in the water at the base of the stairs which sucks Rind into it, causing him to wake up in the next game.

Momo does not appear in this story.  None of the lizard tails or fruits are found.

Pokémon Sacred Gold
Rind awakens in a bed, at first thinking he's safely at home.  He quickly notices, however, that the bedroom isn't anything he remembers.  Getting up and going downstairs, his mother greets him and gives him his Pokégear, saying that Professor Elm wants to see him.  Rind realizes he's in a Pokémon game, but Vayn is nowhere to be found.  Rind is torn between choosing Cyndaquil, which would be the one he would pick, and Chikorita, which would have been what his brother would have chosen.  In the end, he settles on Cyndaquil.  The story follows Rind's progression from New Bark Town to Mt. Silver, where he challenges Red, who turns out to be Vayn.  After their battle, they leave Mt. Silver together, walking into the next game.

Silver and Team Rocket do not appear in this story.  Rind completes the Pokédex by capturing all two hundred fifty-one species.

I am unsure as to whether or not I wish to show the final battle between Rind and Vayn, or have it brought up as a point of contention in a later story.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
Vayn and Rind walk into Flowerbud Village where they are greeted by Theodore, who mistakenly believes they are in the village because of "The Exciting Ranch Plan," by which they are given a free plot of land and a small house to live in, provided they help the town by raising crops and animals and a variety of other tasks.  They elect to live by the river, on the west side of the village.  After they move in, they are visited by three Harvest Sprites named Arthur (red), Billy (blue, and Carlos (yellow) who take them up into the mountains to the Harvest Goddess' Spring, where it is revealed she has been turned to stone.  The three Sprites tell Vayn and Rind that in order to restore the Harvest Goddess, they must collect one hundred musical notes, which are mystical items granted to special people who complete various tasks in their world.  Vayn and Rind surmise freeing the Harvest Goddess is the only way to leave the game and agree to help, receiving their first note upon leaving the Spring.  They progress through the game together, eventually splitting to run two separate farms, and free the Harvest Goddess.  The night she is freed, Vayn and Rind go to sleep and wake up in the next game.

Jamie does not make an appearance and all one hundred notes are required to free the Harvest Goddess, rather than just fifty.  Rind falls in love with Nina, while Vayn falls in love with Gwen.

Far Cry 3
Vayn and Rind awake groggily to find themselves tied to a bamboo cage.  As they hear Vaas talking to them, Vayn exclaims "Oh, fuck," because he recognizes the game instantly.  Unsure of which of them has replaced Grant and which of them has replaced Jason, Vayn does not mention anything to Rind as they escape.  Just as they are about to leave the village they are in, Rind is shot through the neck by Vaas and Vayn flees.  Vayn is found by Dennis, an islander, who gives him the tatau and asks him for help in freeing the island from Vaas.  Vayn knows how this plays out and chooses to help, eventually earning the entire tatau and killing Vaas and Hoyt.

Vayn completes the Handbook Log to one hundred percent, as well as earns each achievement.  Jason, Grant, and their friends do not appear.  Instead, Vayn replaces Jason, Rind replaces Grant and Riley, the wives and best friends from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody replace the other four prisoners.
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Game List
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