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PostSubject: Arcana   Arcana Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2014 4:51 pm

Magic is an undisputed fact of life on Celestia.  The ability to bends the elements to a person's will, manipulate the fabric of reality, and interfere with the thoughts and feelings of others has long been studied and practiced.  There are two distinct types of magic, however.  When the term "magic" is used, it is understand that it refers to the innate abilities within creatures to utilize awesome displays of power.  A dragon's breath, for example, is magic.  The ability of an Orc Shaman to bolster the strength of the fighting party he is with, is magic.  The second form of magic is known as Arcana.  Unlike magic, which is something you are born with, Arcana must be learned, studied, and practiced before the user, known as an Arcanist, becomes proficient in it.  Most fledgling Arcanists can cast a simple ball of flame at an enemy, but only the most learned and practiced can unleash a fury of fire that can rival the breath of a mighty dragon.

Before anyone can become an Arcanist, they must first learn a spell, called an Arcana. Arcana can be learned two different ways: via a Codex Page or taught directly by a Master Arcanist, although the former is the more common method given that Codex Pages can be found all over the world whereas Master Arcanists are much more limited in availability.

Arcana come in many different varieties, but they are all classified as one of five levels of power:

Neophyte Arcana
Adroit Arcana
Magnus Arcana
Divine Arcana
Legendary Arcana

Out of these five, only Legendary Arcana cannot be taught by a Master Arcanist.  They must be found by completing quests to find their Codex Page and learned via those.

Air Arcana

Dark Arcana

Earth Arcana

Electric Arcana

Fire Arcana

Ice Arcana

Light Arcana

Poison Arcana

Water Arcana
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