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PostSubject: Woodsman   Woodsman Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2014 5:01 pm

The Woodsman skill is the ability of players to cut down trees into logs, which can then be used for a variety of other things, such as building. There are many different trees to be found in Legends of Celestia, each of which provides a different amount of experience per log cut from the tree. Once a tree has been completely cut down, a period of time must pass before that tree can be cut down again. The following is the amount of experience granted per log:

Cuipo - 22 experience
Balsa - 100 experience
Weymouth Pine - 380 experience
Silver Pine - 420 experience
Red Adler - 590 experience
Silver Maple - 700 experience
Sycamore Tree - 770 experience
Red Cedar - 900 experience
Red Maple - 950 experience
Teak - 1,155 experience
Red Oak - 1,290 experience
White Oak - 1,360 experience
Red Pine - 1,630 experience
Blackwood - 1,720 experience
Tigerwood - 1,850 experience
Mesquite - 2,345 experience
Red Mahogany - 2,697 experience
Ebony - 3,220 experience
Ironbark - 3,664 experience
Snakewood - 3,800 experience
Bull Oak - 5,060 experience

The length of time it takes for a tree to regrow is the experience granted per log converted into seconds. A Red Cedar, for example, will take fifteen minutes to regrow while a Bull Oak will take just shy of an hour and a half.

In order to cut down a tree, players require a Woodcutter's Axe. There are several different types of Woodcutter's Axe, though not as many as there are trees, and each one grants a bonus to experience based on the grade of Axe.

Iron Woodcutter's Axe - 1.0x experience
Steel Woodcutter's Axe - 1.5x experience
Gilded Woodcutter's Axe - 2.0x experience
Mithril Woodcutter's Axe - 2.5x experience
Kermes Woodcutter's Axe - 3.0x experience
Mystic Woodcutter's Axe - 5.0x experience
Divine Woodcutter's Axe - 7.5x experience
Legendary Woodcutter's Axe - 10.0x experience

In addition, there are several unique Woodcutter's Axes that granted bonuses to experience and other things that do not follow the above conventions.
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