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 Quest List

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PostSubject: Quest List   Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:52 pm

One of the primary activities in Legends of Celestia is the undertaking and completion of quests.  There are hundreds of quests that can be complete, each of them falling under one of four levels of difficulty.

Copper Quests
The easiest type of quest, Copper Quests are completely safe and only require the player to do a menial task, such as collect a certain amount of lumber or help a farmer harvest his crops for a minor reward, usually a few pieces of silver, and a Copper Dragon Token.

Silver Quests
Like the Copper Quests, Silver Quests are still easy but typically involve the player being in some sort of danger. Even if the player does not directly have to fight something, it is quite possible they may be required to at least traverse a dangerous area and run the risk of being attacked. The rewards are still minor, ranging from a bit more silver than Copper Quests, minor items, and a Silver Dragon Token.

Gold Quests
Gold Quests can be long, dangerous, or both. The rewards are not amazing, but still are useful, such as a good amount of silver, weapons and food, and a Gold Dragon Token.

Platinum Quests
The ultimate high level end-game quests, Platinum Quests are a huge step up in difficulty from Gold Quests. Death is generally considered a constant possibility and quests can easily take days to complete. Rewards include very powerful items, a treasure trove of silver, and the coveted Platinum Dragon Tokens.
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Quest List
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