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PostSubject: Elixirs   Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:00 pm

Using the Apothecary skill, players can combine various ingredients in a vial to make a variety of elixirs.  Some elixirs are beneficial to the player, while other elixirs are detrimental to enemies.  For an inexperienced apothecary, these may blend together, resulting in elixirs that have both positive and negative effects.  There are five different types of elixir, ranked by potency:

Neophyte: The weakest type of Elixir, these generally are not very powerful and only have a single effect.
Adroit: Slightly more powerful than Neophyte Elixirs, these Elixirs have two effects.
Magnus: An even more powerful Elixir, featuring three effects.
Divine: The ultimate Elixir, these powerful Elixirs have four effects.
Unique: The secrets of brewing these mystical Elixirs have long since been lost; all of them are very powerful and have five effects. With very few exceptions, they cannot be created using the Apothecary skill and are all normal potency.

In addition to this, each rank of potency (with the exception of unique) can be produced in four different grades:

Weak: Reduces the effectiveness of the Elixir by fifty percent.
Normal: The effectiveness of this Elixir is one hundred percent.
Strong: Increases the effectiveness of the Elixir by fifty percent.
Legendary: Increases the effectiveness of the Elixir by two hundred percent.
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