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PostSubject: Sets   Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:23 pm

Sets are a combined collection of unique items that, depending on how many of the items are collected and worn by the player, offer more bonuses in addition to the bonuses conferred by each individual item. Sets can range from two pieces for a complete set up to a total of eleven pieces, which is the maximum amount of items a character can equip at one time. It is important to note that each piece in the set only counts once, so if a set has a sword, for example, a character that dual wields them will only receive set bonuses as though they have a single sword equipped, though the individual bonus of the sword itself will still be applied twice. This rule only applies to one-handed weapons and rings.

Dragonbane Set
Dragonbane Sword
Dragonbane Shield
Dragonbane Gauntlets
Dragonbane Helmet
Dragonbane Cuirass
Dragonbane Greaves
Dragonbane Boots

Following the Arma War, the people of Celestia had a new problem to contend with.  While the Arma had been sealed away and most of the more powerful dragons had entered into a deep slumber, there were still hundreds, possibly thousands, of dragons that remained who sought to enslave the people.  Thus was the Dragonbane created.
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