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PostSubject: Accolades   Accolades Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2014 11:40 pm

Accolades are special rewards granted to players for completing a variety of tasks in ten different categories.  The accolades themselves may or may not come with a material rewards such as currency or items, in addition to the accolade itself.  Accolades, like most things in Legends of Celestia, are completely optional, although many of them can be very lucrative for players who obtain them.  In addition to the ten separate categories of accolades, there are also six ranks of accolades, ranging from very easy to very hard, which have different Accolade Point rewards.

Copper Accolades - The easiest type of accolade to earn, they are worth a single Accolade Point and are generally earned for doing something for the first time.

Silver Accolades - The second rank of accolade, these are worth five Accolade Points and are slightly more difficult to earn than their copper counterparts.

Gold Accolades - The highest rank of accolade available for free-to-play, these are worth ten Accolade Points and are generally earned at the halfway point of something, such as reaching Level: 87 in a skill.

Mystic Accolades - The lowest rank of accolade exclusively available for pay-to-play, these are worth twenty Accolade Points and are rewards for impressive feats.

Divine Accolades - Considered the pinnacle of achievement, these are worth fifty Accolade Points and are rewarded for reaching the end levels of Legends of Celestia, such as reach Level: 100 in a skill.

Legendary Accolades - The most extensive accolades, these are worth one hundred Accolade Points and are rewarded for pushing the game to its absolute limits, such as reaching 25,000,0000,000 experience in a skill or hunting hundreds of thousands of enemies.

Challenge Accolades
These accolades are earned for completing special challenges throughout Celestia.

Combat Accolades
These accolades are earned for feats accomplished during combat.

Community Accolades
These accolades are earned for meeting certain requirements with regards to the people of Celestia.

Dungeon Accolades
These accolades are earned for finding, exploring, and clearing various dungeons and locations on Celestia.

Event Accolades
These accolades are earned during special events, such as religious holidays and historical events.

Environmental Accolades
These accolades are earned for various non-specific tasks that generally have to do with the game environment.

Guild Accolades
These accolades involve completing tasks and quests and progressing through the various guilds.

Quest Accolades
These accolades are earned for completing quests with or without special conditions.

Secret Accolades
Unlike the rest of the accolades, these accolades are only obtained upon the entire completion of a task. While they are still ranked according to the Copper - Legendary system, there are not multiple accolades for basically doing the same tasks but in larger quantities.

Skill Accolades
These accolades are earned for reaching certain milestones with the various skills.
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